Anticipation Guide

This is yet another pre-assessment technique.  The anticipation guide involves giving students a list of statements related to the topic they will be studying, and having them decide whether they agree or disagree.  While simple, this pre-assessment technique is good at determining any preconceptions students may have, particularly incorrect ones that may cause them to stumble during the unit itself.

The following list I have compiled is derived from the idea of Foxes and Hedgehogs, a topic central to the study of historiography.   (Hedgehogs are core ideals that someone holds as truth.  Foxes are those that have no hedgehogs.)

  1. When groups with conflicting hedgehogs meet, the end result is the destruction of one group by the other.
  2. All people have hedgehogs.
  3. The American dream is a hedgehog.
  4. Foxes are inherently better than hedgehogs.
  5. It is possible for a fox to become a hedgehog and vice versa.
  6. One must acknowledge their own hedgehogs in order to be a historian.

These questions are there to set the discussion on personal biases, and a student should approach history in order to find the truth as opposed to their personal deep seated opinions.

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